Article on by Rhonda Coleman

Wanted to share an article written by Rhonda Coleman for

Airstreaming by Tom Schabarum

Airstreaming COVER 2.9c

Conceived twelve years ago as a short story, then a screenplay, and now a novel, “Airstreaming” is author Tom Schabarum’s recently self-published book set in the American midwest.

“I wanted to tell a story that was uniquely American,” he said. “As I was working on the novel in its earlier stages, my neighbor was retrofitting an old Airstream to take his family on a two year tour of the country. I watched the process and became fascinated with it.”

“The Airstream trailer, to me, embodied American forms, shapes and ingenuity, and was built squarely in the Midwest,” he said. His novel is also set in the center of America. “Kansas City, I felt, contained a richness of history,” he said. “Be-bop Jazz, train travel, the West Bottom stockyards…it seemed a quintessentially American place to set the story.”

Airstreaming, described as a touching story in which a trailer “becomes a catalyst for three women whose extraordinary circumstances bind them together” is a character-driven work of literary fiction, built on details more than plot. “The main characters aren’t black and white,” he said, “like people in real life.”

Schabarum says he self-published the book from a simple desire to share the story. “I never wrote for the idea of publishing, I wrote for myself,” he said. “But that year, I was turning fifty, and I said, ‘I’m going to put it out there and see what happens’.”

He isn’t counting on making millions. “My hope is just that people will read my book, and it will resonate,” he said. “That’s the main reason: to touch someone else.

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