Airstream Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA


I’ve been searching for a 1970’s era Airstream for some time and came across one on When I inquired about it, I got a great note from Wally, one of the partners of Hofmann Architecture, who’d not only read my novel, AIRSTREAMING, but had kind words for it as well. Unfortunately, they’d sold the Airstream I was looking at. A 1970 Overlander Land Yacht is featured in AIRSTREAMING. I’d done research on this particular model through the web, but also by a great book called AIRSTREAM: The History of the Land Yacht by Bryan Burkhart and David Hunt.

Hofmann Architecture is just now embarking on a new venture of an Airstream Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA, which is great! I lived and worked and went to school in Santa Barbara before moving to Seattle; my Grandparents lived there for 40 + years. Looking through their site, their work is astonishing. They take classic, vintage Airstreams and completely, from top to bottom, transform them, or restore them back to their original factory specifications. It’s nothing short of miraculous. I can’t wait to return to Santa Barbara this spring and check it out, and to get to know the folks at Hofman Architecture.

Looking through their designs has given me lots of ideas, and I’m looking forward to consulting with them when I find my Overlander. While the new AIRSTREAMS are stunning, the Vintage Overlander speaks to my heart since it’s been in my head for 12 years.

If your headed to Santa Barbara, and you need a very cool place to stay, check out their hotel and get a little taste of what it must be like to live in one. You might just end up downsizing for life!

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    I hope to stop by and say hi to the gang at SB Auto Camp and see their work first hand when I’m there in mid-March. Until then, here’s something I blogged about earlier on Word Incident.

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