The Shady Dell – Bisbee, AZ

IMG_6696This week I was finally taken to The Shady Dell by my friend, Paula Sindelar. This unique motel is just outside of downtown Bisbee, AZ, which was built to support mining and other pursuits a century ago.


Fully restored trailers of the vintage aluminum variety dot a desert landscape.



Add to this a restored 1957 Chris Craft Yacht, a sort of tribute to Gilligan’s Island, and a fully restored bus and you have quite a few extremely unique places to stay and relive the 1950’s.

After finishing my novel, AIRSTREAMING, I’ve been following and visiting many people and places with Airstreams, and this was the most unique place I’ve encountered. Justin and Jen bought The Shady Dell in 2007 and have lovingly brought it back with all sorts of classic touches including:


Dot’s Diner


An Outdoor Movie Setting

IMG_6710IMG_6718 IMG_6720IMG_6738 IMG_6730

Vintage Accessories in Every Trailer

IMG_6769 IMG_6764

and Vintage Cars and Trucks in various stages of restoration.


Jen toured us through the 1949 Vintage Airstream, which has a beautiful interior featuring polished aluminum that reflects back the years.

IMG_6735 IMG_6732

What was striking was the 1957 Gold Airfloat. It’s unique shape and reflective exterior really is a stunning thing to see in person.

IMG_6774 2

Signs of the times and a welcoming reception finish out this extraordinary place.

IMG_6693 IMG_6692


Relax, break out the perfect novel, and spend a weekend soaking up the sun and history of this one-of-a-kind motel in historic Bisbee, Arizona.

Photographs ©2014 Tom Schabarum

One thought on “The Shady Dell – Bisbee, AZ

  1. I sooooo want to go there!I love this post. I will send you a note offline to discuss what we talked about earlier this year. Thanks, Deb

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