Five Days of Rainbows


We had five days of rainbows over Lake Washington last week. It was amazing, and I was able to grab a few shots. Here’s a couple. Our house still needs a lot of work, but we are finally in permit phase. Thanks to several months of delays caused by having to fire the first design firm of Batt and Lear for a host of reasons, we’ve hired a new architect and builders to help remodel our home. Rainbows, of course, make everything better. So we take solace in our amazing views, fun neighbors and our really great new team of professionals.


3 thoughts on “Five Days of Rainbows

  1. Hello Tom,

    Can you please clarify why you’ve fired Batt and Lear? I’ve recently hired them and would live to know more, maybe I can get out while it’s not too late.


    1. Hi Sam,

      There are many things that went south with Batt + Lear. Bad design, way over budget from the budget we gave them at the very beginning (about 200,000.00 over). Bad communication by Jason Lear with both us and his internal team. The project manager that was supposed to be ours only showed up 2.5 months into the project and questioned everything his boss (Jason) had told us. We gave Jason a few chances to make good and he never did, and then charged us $18,000.00 to get out of the project. We would not hesitate to tell everyone of our negative experience with them. It was unbelievable. There is much more so if you’d like to contact us, please feel free to do so at and I’ll send you my phone number. We are assuming that you are experiencing some difficulty with them if you found us on the internet. We’ve ended up with a far better house at half of what B+L was going to charge us for a terrible design. I would encourage you to hire an architect and builder separately. All best, Tom

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